Coconut oil is one of those products, which are universal – are suitable for intake, nourishment and even for use in industry. Unique composition, natural origin, great properties and easy access are qualities of coconut oil. In this article we will discuss coconut oil used in cosmetology and we will answer the most common questions about this natural specific.

about-coconut-oil.jpgWhat properties does coconut oil have?

Malaysian people call coconut palm “pokok seribu guna”, which means the tree of thousands of uses. Coconut oil influences health of the entire organism – supports slimming, lowers risk of diabetes, provides right level of cholesterol, improves immunity of the organism, supports digestion, has anti-bacterial, anti-fungus and antiviral properties, but also soothes irritations.

Can coconut oil be harmful to us?

Refined coconut oil is absolutely safe for the organism. It is consider to be one of the mildest oils for skin care.

Is coconut oil edible?

Yes. Coconut oil is a food oil, so it can be used for preparation of meals and can be eaten.

What cosmetics can coconut oil replace?

Coconut oil can be easily used in cosmetology. Natural, pure coconut oil can replace, i.a. conditioner for damaged ends, stylisation product for wild hair, treatments for hair loss, body lotion, lip balm and many more.

What can be nourished with coconut oil?

Rich in many ingredients, coconut oil is perfect for skin care – it can be applied on the skin of face, feet, hands, hair and even nails.

What dosage of coconut oil is suitable?

Dosage of coconut oil depends on how will we use coconut oil. In case of use in food, for adult recommended are 3-4 spoons of coconut oil per one meal. Use of coconut oil for skin care has no limitations.

What makes coconut oil different among other oils?

Natural coconut oil is one of the healthiest, most gentle and most stable vegetable oils. It can be used on many ways, it has rich composition, is safe and for a long time preserves its properties.

What will we find in the composition of the coconut oil?

Composition of coconut oil is extremely rich. Base ingredient is lauric acid, which makes more or less half of the oil, but besides it, we will find also 9 saturated fatty acids (capric, linoleic, myristic, stearic, linolenic, palmitic, hexanoic, caprylic and oleic). Coconut oil is rich in natural antioxidants.

Can coconut oil be used by children?

Sensitivity and light formula of coconut oil makes coconut oil suitable for skin care of babies and children. Coconut oil is fully safe.